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105 multinationals have their headquarters in Panama

Since 2007, when the law regulating these companies was established, it has come to the country more than a hundred signatures.
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LOGISTICS CENTER. The Panama-Pacific Agency has registered 120 companies, both domestic and multinational. PRESS / Ivan Uribe.
02/02/2014 – At least 105 multinational companies have settled in Panama since the enactment of Act 41 of 2007, which created a special regime to promote the arrival of such firms in the country, according to the Ministry of Commerce (Mici).
Although the recently published report by the corresponding commercial portfolio for 2013 notes that had been issued 95 licenses Multinational Company Headquarters (SEM) to 31 October, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, José Pacheco, announced this medium firms that are 105 other countries that opened their offices in the isthmus from August 2007 to date.
«There has been an effort to bring multinational companies to Panama. We arrived the day before yesterday, we passed a 2014 starting at 105 transnational «he said.
Julio César Vidal, executive of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, the benefits of Act 41, as tax incentives and migration-are some of the reasons why this type of investment increases, apart from «excellent logistics platform, Panama’s geographical position, its banking system and legal certainty of enjoying» as they see great benefits investors in the country, Vidal told this medium.
In memory of Mici 2012-2013 emphasizes that this foreign capital has injected $ 556 million into the country until last October, however, the consulted official estimated that the number is now up to $600 million.
«This is very important because when these companies come directly installed to hire local staff, giving them the opportunity to Panamanians career professionals within these companies in a very competitive market,» said Pacheco Tejeira that figure in 5000 the number of jobs generated by these companies.
Like the rest of the country’s enterprises, multinationals have not been outside the phenomenon of skill shortages. For the entrepreneur Vidal, this is one of the challenges that the country fails: «The question arises that if Panama and has logistical resources, does ready and available human resources? The answer is no, «after expressing determined that many of these companies have had to import specialized human resource development.
Both Pacheco and Vidal stressed the web tool, developed jointly by the Chamber of Commerce and the Panama-Pacific Agency (APP). It is a bag with more than 25 thousand registered resumes and serves to expose the skilled labor available.
Another measure that held together the Chamber of Commerce, the APP and local universities is the creation of logistics related to the subject, the financial area, international law and other chairs globalized sectors, so that the same employers to design programs education they require. «The program is well advanced» forward Vidal, and remarked that this «should be seen as a challenge to the Panamanians, to prepare with the intention to compete in senior and middle level and have better income and quality of life» .
The portfolio of Foreign Trade hopes to continue attracting foreign companies this year, as supported by the next fair Expocomer, taking place in the country between 26 and 29 March. This showcase of the possibilities of trade in Panama to the world this year expects to close the transaction by approximately $ 130 million.
In the search for new markets, Pacheco said, «We are bringing to India, which is heavily involved [in the country]. We are also bringing Kosovo for the first time, you are seeing the opportunity to settle in Panama. «
$ 600
Millions Mici estimates the country who have entered the labor of these companies.
Jobs generated for both nationals and foreigners, according to Mici.
$ 130
Million is the amount of transactions that are expected for the next Expocomer in Panama.

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