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(English) Carlos Andres Perez and the Torrijos-Carter Treaties

Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Carlos Andrés Pérez was a Venezuelan who embodied the spirit of Simon Bolivar. His life, which has been summarized in the world press on the occasion of his death at 88, was a constant struggle for democracy and freedom in Venezuela and throughout Latin America. Panama was a direct beneficiary of that […]

En Busca de Sociedades Anónimas Fantasmas: Un Estudio de Auditoría de Anonimidad y Crimen en el Sistema Financiero Internacional

From The Journal of Economic Perspectives

By Jason Sharman

Fall 2010


The last few years have seen an international campaign to ensure that the world’s financial and banking systems are “transparent,” meaning that every actor and transaction within the system can be traced to a discrete, identifiable individual. I present an audit […]

(English) In Defense of Panamanian Legal Entities

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.Reprinted fromTax Notes Int’l, December 6, 2010, p. 759

(English) The G20 and Tax Haven Hypocrisy, From The Economist print edition Mar 2009

The G20 and Tax Haven Hypocrisy Thursday, April 02, 2009 Mar 26th 2009 | BERLIN From The Economist print edition Big economies are leaning on offshore tax havens. But greater abuse may be taking place at home MONEY launderers are moved by greed, unlike Jason Sharman, a political scientist at Australia’s Griffith University. Yet with […]