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(English) The Rise of International Tax Enforcement. Bloomberg April, 2012

Alan Winston Granwell Bruce Zagaris

The Increasing Convergence Among Tax, Criminal, Money Laundering, and Evidence Gathering

Summary: •Anti-tax haven bills will constantly be appended to appropriations legislation in this Session of Congress and in future ones. •The lack of actual reciprocity by the US government, as opposed to the rhetoric, may well lead to […]

(English) U.S. Senate’s Passage of Anti-Tax-Haven Provisions Would Be Counterproductive

Reprinted from Tax Notes Int´l, April 9, 2012, p. 139

By Bruce Zagaris

Bruce Zagaris is a partner of Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP, Washington, D.C. and a writter-editor for The International Enforcement Law Reporter ( Mr. Zagari´s practice includes structuring international business transactions and specially international […]

(English) Ranch House Near Reno is a Thriving Tax Haven, and It’s Not Alone by CNBC

Published: Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012 By: Scott Cohn Senior Correspondent, CNBC

Shielding assets from the tax man or from overly inquisitive regulators is a time-honored strategy for the wealthy. Some turn to secretive financial havens like Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

Or there’s always Fernley, Nevada. That’s right, Fernley, Nevada—a small community of about 20,000 […]