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(English) Per Dollar Spent, OECD Subsidies May Be the Most Destructively Wasteful Part of the Federal Budget

From The Center for Freedom and Prosperity

I’m not a fan of international bureaucracies.

I’ve criticized the United Nations for wanting global taxes. I’ve condemned the International Monetary Fund for promoting bigger government. I’ve even excoriated the largely unknown Basel Committee on Banking Supervision for misguided regulations that contributed to the financial crisis.

But the […]

El doble estándar de la OCDE en el foro global de transparencia e Intercambio de información. La calificación de Estados Unidos

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.

*This article was published by Global Financial Integrity, STEP and EPrivateClient. Tax Notes International will publish it soon.

Dr. Eduardo Morgan, Jr., LL.M. Yale University, Law School, Senior Partner, Morgan & Morgan, and former ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Washington, D.C., provides an exclusive and in-depth analysis […]