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Acciones al portador, lo que está en juego

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Published on La Prensa

April 19, 2013

The controversy raised around the bill that intended to immobilize bearer shares has left in the community the impression that the attorneys who opposed the bill defend personal interests that were contrary to those of the […]

¿Dónde están los trillones?

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Published on La Estrella

April 17, 2013

The world press has circulated with great prominence, which has also been echoed by our media, the news that a group of journalists based in Washington under the sonorous name of Consortium […]

(English) GLOBAL FINANCIAL INTEGRITY: Privately Held,Non-Resident Deposits in Secrecy Jurisdictions

By Ann Hollingshead

March 2010

(English) Jason Sharman replies to criticism on his paper “Panama’s Corporation System and Bearer Shares in Comparative Perspective”

Jason Sharman

The comments below respond to and seek to rebut criticisms made of my above-mentioned paper. Unfortunately the criticisms strongly give the impression that the reviewer has no interest in genuinely engaging with the argument and evidence presented (and hence the willful misinterpretations and evasions), but only wants to present the impression of having […]