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(English) Bankers on the Beach

by Maria Gonzalez and Alfred Schipke

Finance & Development

International Monetary Fund

June 2011

Offshore financial centers (OFCs)—which specialize in supplying financial services to nonresident companies and individuals in exchange for low taxes, stability, and secrecy—are under scrutiny, whether they like it or not.

(English) FATCA Law is an International Version of Obamacare’s 1099 Provision, a Nightmare for Cross-Border Economic Activity that Is Undermining Investment in America

Authored by Dan Mitchell June 20, 2011

One of the tax increases buried in Obamacare was an onerous and intrusive “1099″ scheme that would have required businesses to collect tax identification numbers for just about any vendor and then send paperwork to the IRS whenever they did more than $600 of business.

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(English) Can IFCs Foster Development in Poor Countries? The Chinese Example

By Jason Sharman

Griffith University, Australia

Issues of poverty and economic under-development have, appropriately, got a great deal of attention from policy-makers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) over the last few decades. But the relationship between International Financial Centres (IFCs) and economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries is largely unexplored. What […]

(English) Letter from Dr. Eduardo Morgan Jr. to the Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration of the OECD, Jeffrey Owens

June 2, 2011

Mr. Jeffrey Owens Director Centre for Tax Policy and Administration OECD

Dear Mr. Owens:

I would like to reiterate that the real international standard is not what the OECD preaches “transparency and effective exchange of information”. Quite the contrary, it is what the US practices, “Fiscal Competition and Respect for Individual […]

(English) Panama, The OECD, And The United States

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

For reasons that are easy to understand since they are the product of misleading publicity, in our country there is the erroneous perception that the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is the international organization responsible for setting the international fiscal rules that include transparency and the effective exchange of […]

(English) Against the OECD attacks

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

On September 29, Singapore held the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information. Yet another hypocrisy from the OECD whose purpose is no other than to eliminate the competition in financial business and legal entities that countries such as Panama represent for the members of its Cartel. In this Forum, […]