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(English) A Line in the Sand Against the OECD from The Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Authored by Andrew Quinlan May 25, 2011

CF&P recently released a paper calling on low-tax jurisdictions to resist the OECD. The high-tax European welfare states which control the OECD continue to move the goal posts and devise ever more hoops through which low-tax jurisdictions are expected to jump. As such, it becomes increasingly important […]

(English) Banking on National Economic Suicide

Comparación de incorporaciones e ingresos entre Panamá y Delaware


With this Blog I would like to make available to all those interested, family, friends, colleagues, and both adversaries and sympathizers of my thesis, the product of many years of research, interviews, articles, references and collaborations that focus upon Panama as an international center for business and financial services. Here I portray Panama as a […]