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(English) Coalition for Tax Competition Letter Seeks Withdrawal of Destructive IRS Interest-Reporting Regulation

(Washington, D.C., Tuesday, February 21, 2012) The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, joined by 23 of the country’s most influential free market and taxpayer rights organizations, sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner urging withdrawal of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulation that would discourage capital from the U.S. economy and weaken the […]

(English) From Ghetto to Global Port: Panama Maritime Power

Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Before I start my presentation, I believe it is important to refer to the following exchange of letters:

AUGUST 18, 1904

From John Hay, Secretary of State, to Jose Domingo de Obaldia, Ambassador of Panama in Washington, who had objected the appropriation of the ports of Panama and Colon by the United […]