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(English) Trump’s Lesson

“That is how I realized, because I experienced it, how great democracy is in that country and how we are sure that Trump will learn to live with it” Eduardo Morgan Jr.

In 2009, on the occasion of Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States, I wrote an article titled ‘Obama’s […]


Por: Juan David Morgan El péndulo sigue moviéndose. Esta vez impulsa su retorno desde la mentira hacia la verdad, la investigación abierta por el Parlamento de Europa con el fin de determinar si, con base en las revelaciones resultantes de los más de 11 millones de documentos sustraídos al bufete Mossack y Fonseca, la […]

Comentarios de Dr. Eduardo Morgan sobre artículo “Dirty Money: Rich Smell”

A recent article in the distinguished “The Economist” magazine comments on the rich countries of the OECD who often accuse and harass small poorer countries as easy paths for “dirty money”. It mentions, as we have before, their hypocrisy in that they themselves are blatant offenders of the standards which they have established.

The article […]

FATCA: El G20 y la Ocde, ¿dónde están?

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

October 27th, 2013

FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is a U.S. law which requires banks and financial institutions located abroad to report on deposits and financial assets of U.S. taxpayers, thus extending the rule of US fiscal legislation and making banks and countries worldwide U.S. tax collectors. […]

Acciones al portador, lo que está en juego

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Published on La Prensa

April 19, 2013

The controversy raised around the bill that intended to immobilize bearer shares has left in the community the impression that the attorneys who opposed the bill defend personal interests that were contrary to those of the […]

Panamá y la Prevención de Delitos Financieros

Participation of Dr. Eduardo Morgan Jr. in the Latin America and the Caribbean Forum on Financial Crime Prevention

January 14-18, 2013

Sponsored by the UK Office and Commonwealth Office – Embassy of the United Kingdom in Panama

Panama is proud of its legal system and of its enforcement in the daily practice, as […]

El doble estándar de la OCDE en el foro global de transparencia e Intercambio de información. La calificación de Estados Unidos

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.

*This article was published by Global Financial Integrity, STEP and EPrivateClient. Tax Notes International will publish it soon.

Dr. Eduardo Morgan, Jr., LL.M. Yale University, Law School, Senior Partner, Morgan & Morgan, and former ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Washington, D.C., provides an exclusive and in-depth analysis […]

(English) From Ghetto to Global Port: Panama Maritime Power

Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Before I start my presentation, I believe it is important to refer to the following exchange of letters:

AUGUST 18, 1904

From John Hay, Secretary of State, to Jose Domingo de Obaldia, Ambassador of Panama in Washington, who had objected the appropriation of the ports of Panama and Colon by the United […]

(English) A Paper Tiger: The OECD

The latest OECD attack on our country borders on the ridiculous. Thus, Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the Global Forum – which is the latest project by the OECD Cartel to end financial competition by the so-called offshore centers – has just declared that the 12 treaties to avoid double taxation (DTT) are not sufficient to […]

(English) Against the OECD attacks

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

On September 29, Singapore held the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information. Yet another hypocrisy from the OECD whose purpose is no other than to eliminate the competition in financial business and legal entities that countries such as Panama represent for the members of its Cartel. In this Forum, […]