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GAO (Oficina de Rendición de Cuentas del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos)

Highlights of GAO-06-376, a report to the Collected and Available Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate:

Proyecto Senador Levin: Conozca A Su Cliente


The first time Senator Levin presented this Project was in 2006, after the overwhelming GAO report against the corporations and LLCs in the USA. The GAO report unveiled the true reality that the USA didn’t require the client´s identity or the beneficiary owner of legal […]

Comunicado aclaratorio sobre aplicación de intercambio de información automática

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Panama published a note dated October 31st, 2015, clarifying the Panamanian position regarding the recent automatic exchange of information agreement, before the international community and users of the financial platform and services. The note states that our country has announced its commitment to employ the mechanism […]