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(English) Senator Rubio, Representative Posey, and other Lawmakers Fighting to Stop IRS Proposal that Would Drive Investment from U.S. Economy

by Dan Mitchell

There hasn’t been much good economic news in recent years, but one bright spot for the economy is that the United States is a haven for foreign investors and this has helped attract more than $10 trillion to American capital markets according to Commerce Department data.

These funds are hugely important for […]

(English) Tax havens at the core of the Greek crisis

By Nicholas Shaxson

November 26th, 2011

Published on Task Force – Financial Integrity & Economic Development

Half a century ago, the global financial architecture was, as a result of lessons learned from the Great Depression, heavily fragmented and flows of capital across borders were quite tightly constrained by capital controls . The quarter century after […]

(English) Too Big to Pay Taxes from The Tax Updates INTAX INFO Newsletter

Everybody knows multinational corporations are not paying U.S. taxes

U.S. senator Bernie Sanders is trying to draw attention to the biggest multinational companies which are not paying taxes and, even more, receive rebates from U.S. government.