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(English) To be or not to be…

By Alvaro Thomas

June 27, 2014

The opening phrase of a soliloquy in Hamlet’s Nunnery Scene is what all countries should be asking themselves right now. Should we or should we not be the collecting agencies for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Of course we shouldn´t.

There is an ever growing sentiment that the US […]

(English) Calling a Spade a Spade: Medtronic buying Covidien is above all, a tax ploy.

By Alvaro Tomas, lawyer of MMG Trust, part of the Morgan & Morgan Group

With the deal, announced on Sunday, the Minneapolis-based Medtronic becomes the latest — and biggest — United States company to try to change its tax domicile through a so-called inversion. Such deals are attractive to American companies seeking a lower corporate […]

(English) Moving Money: International Financial Flows, Taxes, and Money Laundering

By Richard Gordon and Andrew P. Morriss

June 2014

Money “moves” internationally through electrons and physically among financial institutions and non-financial institutions as part of global trade in legitimate goods and services and as part of legitimate transnational capital investment, and, regrettably, as part of criminal enterprise. Some analysts argue that the movement […]

(English) US signals intent to capture beneficial ownership information

By Geoff Cook

Published on Jersey Finance

Wednesday 28th May 2014

An interesting post appeared recently on the White House Blog signalling moves by the US to capture beneficial ownership details and to report this information to the IRS. This would, if enacted, be a significant and helpful move by the US in fighting financial […]