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(English) Letter to the Editor of the New York Times – April 3rd, 08

Panama , April 3, 2008

To the Editor of the New York Times:

Carter Dougherty article Trying to Get the Swiss to Talk ( 03/29/08 ) forgets that Switzerland is a non conformist member of the OECD that opposes the OECD on the exchange of Tax […]

Carta al Secretario General de la OCDE

Panama, October 6th, 2009 Mr. Jose Angel Gurria General Secretary OECD

Dear Mr. Gurría:

The global economic crisis, which was provoked by the bad regulation of financial markets and that has already caused millions of job losses throughout the world (there are already more than 15 million in the U.S.), has united the […]

(English) Letter to New York Times – March 14th, 08

Panama, March 14, 2008

Messrs. New York Times United States of America

Dear Messrs.:

I hereby refer to the editorial published on your February 25, 2008 issue (“Liechtenstein’s Friendly Bankers”), and to Carter Dougherty’s article dated February 27, 2008. The contents of these articles seem to indicate […]

La Lección de Obama por Eduardo Morgan Jr.

by Eduardo Morgan, Jr.

January 2009

The election of Barack Obama has shown the world that the American people have taken yet another step towards its improvement as a nation. The United States, rich in natural resources, has been wise in exploiting that richness, thanks to the existence of educated people […]

Panamá, la OCDE y la Crisis Financiera

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.

October 2008

The attacks by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) against Panama and other Financial Centers deemed by it to be tax havens, has as the sole intention to put an end to the competition that such centers, thanks […]

(English) U.S. Law Enforcement Officials Call for Tougher State Incorporation Rules

By Brian Monroe

Shell companies created in the United States under lax incorporation laws are allowing sanctioned countries to engage in illicit activities, according to three law enforcement officials testifying before a U.S. Senate panel Thursday.

The current incorporation system is plagued by “opacity and secrecy…the best friend of […]