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With this Blog I would like to make available to all those interested, family, friends, colleagues, and both adversaries and sympathizers of my thesis, the product of many years of research, interviews, articles, references and collaborations that focus upon Panama as an international center for business and financial services. Here I portray Panama as a […]

(English) Let´s Protect the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs

Eduardo Morgan Jr.

In September 1996, I was appointed Panama’s ambassador to the U.S. These were crucial times for [our bilateral relationship], for the U.S. presence in Panama was coming to and end. There was tension stemming from accusations that our country was not doing enough in the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering. […]

(English) Carlos Andres Perez and the Torrijos-Carter Treaties

Eduardo Morgan Jr.

Carlos Andrés Pérez was a Venezuelan who embodied the spirit of Simon Bolivar. His life, which has been summarized in the world press on the occasion of his death at 88, was a constant struggle for democracy and freedom in Venezuela and throughout Latin America. Panama was a direct beneficiary of that […]

(English) In Defense of Panamanian Legal Entities

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.Reprinted fromTax Notes Int’l, December 6, 2010, p. 759

(English) Reflections on a Tax Treaty with U.S.

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

The express interest of the United States in requesting from Panama an agreement to exchange tax information is to gain access to its taxpayers’ investments in Panama, which, as per its tax system, are subject to U.S. taxes. For its part, Panama has no interest in a tax treaty limited to […]

(English) History Shall Not Repeat Itself

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

In the month in which we commemorate our most important national holidays, there is an infamous date that we must never forget: November 18, 1903, the day of the signing of the Hay – Bunau-Varilla Treaty.

Philippe Bunau-Varilla, Panama’s first ambassador to Washington, was an extraordinary man. The book ‘Con […]

(English) Why Here and Not There?

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

In 2001, the U.S. decided to try to comply with the proposal of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to provide information to foreign countries on the deposits of its nationals. Below are, verbatim, some of objections raised:

1. Letter from Congressmen to the Treasury Secretary: “The proposal is […]

(English) Panama, an example to the world

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

August, 2010

In his presentation before the Banking Convention, Alberto Vallarino, Panama´s Minister of Economy and Finance, detailed the nation´s riches available to support our ambitious development plans for the coming years. He stressed the value of land in the Canal area and other regions, the expansion of public utilities and […]

(English) Panama is Not a Tax Haven

By Eduardo Morgan Jr.

June 2008

The world’s richest countries, organized in the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), have launched an insidious campaign against what they call “Harmful Tax Competition”, a campaign against so-called TAX HAVENS.

But we must ask ourselves, is Panama a Tax Haven in accordance with the parameters established by […]

(English) How Much is the Canal Worth?

by Eduardo Morgan Jr.

August 2006

The report covering the performance of the 2005 Fiduciary Development Fund was published recently. The Fund reported that it had earned $1,151,408.92 from fixed-termed deposits on its capital, that is approximately 3.1669 percent, well above the approximately 1.421 percent of the previous year, to which the earnings from investments […]